Hurricane Irma Relief Program

We here at Lighting Dynamics are committed to South Florida. As part of this commitment we have created a list of products that we have partnered with Eaton to make available to help re-build our lives after the storm. Follow this link to a complete brochure of lighting solutions: Hurricane Irma Brochure

18 years of MANA

Lighting Dynamics, Inc. recognized for entering year 18 of MANA Membership.    

Picasso Lighting: “Rings”

This picture provides custom illuminated rings for a New York Casino. With up and down lights along with 0-10v dimming. The rings are 7, 9 and 13 feet in diameter. The manufacturing of rings such as these can be even larger.   Inspiring the design community to incorporate lighting into the story of  architecture from the concept…

Pure and Edge Lighting: TruLine

TruLine produces brilliant glare-free lighting installation for any drywall . Running a straight line, this commercial grade soft strip can expand from wall to ceiling. Although TruLine is indoor only, this LED system has an average lamp life life of 50,000 hours.     TruLine Gallery:

Valmont: Downtown – Mesa Del Sol, NM

In 2005, after a long period of planning, construction of the Mesa Del Sol community in Albuquerque, NM began. The city desired an environmentally friendly and well-designed area with an easy feel and look that blended with the surrounding scenery. Utilizing Valmont custom engineering capabilities, the city partnered with Valmont to create a unique curved street…

Lumenwerx Cava Series

Featured in the 2015 IES Progress Report, Cava is a linear LED pendant or recessed luminaire with a remarkably comfortable and surprising appearance.

Define by Eaton’s Neo-Ray

The Define’s high efficacy LED engine and standard 0-10V continuous dimmer driver allow easy and flexible integration with lighting control panels, occupancy sensors, daylighting controls and room controllers.

Wavestream Technology by Eaton

WaveStream™ LED technology starts with an optical acrylic panel aligned with LEDs. AccuAim™ micro-optics are molded into optical grade acrylic to create a uniform low glare luminous appearance.

Lucifer’s new Fraxion Series

Fraxion Downlights represent the shallowest high performance downlights in the industry with a recess depth of just 3.8” (including ceiling thickness); for the 1300lm / 14W LED lamping options.