Luminii acquires iLight Technologies

Luminii doubles down on rapid growth with a strategic acquisition, adding iLight Technologies’ pioneering illumination solutions to a growing LED portfolio. Founded in 2000, iLight Technologies has been a pioneer in the engineering of innovative LED illumination solutions that transform corporate and architectural environments with show-stopping installations.

Featuring KLIK USA Stair Lighting Solutions

Tour the City Garden Welcome to June with the KLIK USA Team. Across the country, virtual tours, meetings, happy hours and social media “live” experiences have taken over, with video largely being the key in connecting with other people and places or experiences you might be missing. We’re here today to bring some new perspective…

New AIA Miami Logo

Lighting Dynamics being apart of the 2020 membership with AIA Miami Chapter gives us access to all company opportunities and the ability to connect with over 825+ members also in the chapter.

ANP Lighting EQ Series wins LFI Innovation Award

The LFI Innovation award winning EQ Collection by ANP Lighting is inspired by the balance between performance, scale and visual experience.  An unparalleled collection of post tops, wall mounts and bollards utilizes light guide technology to create visual comfort and performance for any project. Click the image above for more information.

2018 Festival of the Trees

Lighting Dynamics is proud to have sponsored Jewel Toned Interiors in the 2018 Festival of the Trees event supporting FIU’s Interior Architecture program.  This year marked the 32nd anniversary of the iconic event at the Moor Building in Miami’s Design District. JTI received an honorable mention as Most Illuminating! Click linked image above for more…

18 years of MANA

Lighting Dynamics, Inc. recognized for entering year 18 of MANA Membership.    

Picasso Lighting: “Rings”

This picture provides custom illuminated rings for a New York Casino. With up and down lights along with 0-10v dimming. The rings are 7, 9 and 13 feet in diameter. The manufacturing of rings such as these can be even larger.   Inspiring the design community to incorporate lighting into the story of  architecture from the concept…

Pure and Edge Lighting: TruLine

TruLine produces brilliant glare-free lighting installation for any drywall . Running a straight line, this commercial grade soft strip can expand from wall to ceiling. Although TruLine is indoor only, this LED system has an average lamp life life of 50,000 hours.     TruLine Gallery:

Valmont: Downtown – Mesa Del Sol, NM

In 2005, after a long period of planning, construction of the Mesa Del Sol community in Albuquerque, NM began. The city desired an environmentally friendly and well-designed area with an easy feel and look that blended with the surrounding scenery. Utilizing Valmont custom engineering capabilities, the city partnered with Valmont to create a unique curved street…

Define by Cooper’s Neo-Ray

The Define’s high efficacy LED engine and standard 0-10V continuous dimmer driver allow easy and flexible integration with lighting control panels, occupancy sensors, daylighting controls and room controllers.

Wavestream Technology by Cooper

WaveStream™ LED technology starts with an optical acrylic panel aligned with LEDs. AccuAim™ micro-optics are molded into optical grade acrylic to create a uniform low glare luminous appearance.